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Run you down
Regie: Marco De Haunt
Lyric Video


  • 07 September 2022 Leipzig Moritzbastei Info
  • 09/10 September 2022 Prag Sommerfest Info


Portrait Meryem

It didn’t even occur to me to become a musician myself — because it was so obvious. The journey to actually become a musician started with a long detour — an office job, a university program of German language and literature, a music conservatory. Jazz opened my ears and broadened my horizon, but the variety of possibilities created one thing in me above all: confusion. My search lead me to New York and India and finally even 800 km on foot along the north coast of Spain — yet I don't really arrived anywhere. I simply didn't know what I actually sounded like. Until one day I ended up back where it all began: I picked up my father's old guitar, put my fingers on the strings and started playing. Although I didn't know exactly what I was doing, it felt strangely familiar. It felt like home.

I am a singer/songwriter.

My songs reflect a fleeting atmosphere and portray emotional states like little screenshots. In a superficial world, I focus on the detail: I look through the keyhole and open doors to spaces that would otherwise remain closed.

Music has always been the link between my inner life and the outside world. As the daughter of a singer and a guitarist, I was always surrounded by music and started singing before I could even speak. I spent many hours with my parents’ colorful blues and soul records or recording songs from the radio on cassette: Always trying to capture that ONE voice and that ONE feeling.